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Aerial Fitness was created by gymnasts, and most of the workout is done “in the air.”  This is for people looking for something outside of your typical gym workout to stay fit or for people to use it as a great body conditioning in addition to weights or cardio workouts. This fitness art is a unique training concept that fuses strength, agility, and balance in an exciting and confidence building way. This type of fitness regime is designed to increase overall health while having fun and creating beauty. Some people have evoked experiences of passion, self confidence, love, empowerment, and serenity from this type of fitness.  Aerial fitness has the ability to create new brain synapses.  This means that technically you can get smarter and more productive in your daily life due to the brain creating more pathways and memory storage from learning new choreography and unique movements. 


There are many various styled classes so no matter what your cup of tea is there is a class for you. Classes range from strength conditioning to sensual or exotic dance. Do NOT let this art intimidate you!  Classes also range from introductory through advanced, everyone has a starting point, and again, there is a class for you!


If you are looking for something new, looking for a unique challenge, or bored of your typical workout routine try aerial fitness.

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