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Aerial Fitness

There are many various styled classes so no matter what your cup of tea is there is a class for you. Classes range from strength conditioning to sensual and expressive combos. Do NOT let this art intimidate you!  Classes also range from introductory through intermediate 2, everyone has a starting point, and again, there is a class for you!

If you are looking for something new, looking for a unique challenge, or bored of your typical workout routine try aerial fitness. 


Please note that some aerial arts are not recommended for people with a recent head injury, concussion, vertigo, high blood pressure or glaucoma/ retinol detachment.  ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR WITH HEALTH CONSERNS BEFORE STARTING ANY NEW EXERCISE!

Jana black and white grand opening hoop

Lyra (Hoop)

Also known as aerial hoop or cerceau/cerceaux. Lyra looks like a large circular steel apparatus that resembles a hula hoop. The instrument is suspended and the aerialist  can learn to hang, flip, pose, twist and transition. Beautiful shapes are created within and around the hoop to eventually create routines. This is a full body workout that specifically targets your core, hand grip and upper body strength. *J. Rouge has taped hoops.


Lyra Levels
*Beginner 1 Hoop

(Ran in a series)

*Beginner 2 Hoop

*Intermediate 1



 Aerial Hoop Conditioning

This is a great beginning and/or maintenance class for your aerial journey. 


This conditioning class is done mainly on the hoop. It uses body weight as resistance training, spin conditioning and more to fire up and develop those aerial muscles that are unique to the fitness art.


Hoop Aerial Conditioning Levels
*All Levels Class

Michaela Weiss silks MINDBBODY bio pic.jpg

Aerial Silks

Also known as tissue, aerial silks are two fabrics that are suspended. The aerialist can create shapes within the fabric and eventually create combos and routines.


Techniques used are wrapping, suspending, falling, climbing, and spiraling the body in and out of the fabric. This is a full body workout which targets flexibility, strength, balance, muscular endurance and agility.


Aerial Silk Levels
*Beginner 1

*Beginner 2



Heather pic at grand opening

Aerial Yoga/ Sling

This is a long single cloth/ fabric that is suspended with a loop on the bottom (also referred to as hammock).  During this workout shapes will be created and eventually combos/ routines can be performed.  The suspended hammock uses gravity to lengthen the body. This workout is a fusion of strengthening, contracting and extending muscles, it may improve posture, and add gentle traction effects.  There are optional inversions, which may help with joint alignment.


Aerial Hammock Level
*Aerial Y
oga 2-

All levels

*Aerial Sling-

Beginner 2

*Aerial Yoga 3-

(Tricks & Inversions)- Intermediate/ Advanced



*Age 9-15


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