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Hello Beauties!

My name is Jennifer Ramey and my aerial journey started in 2018 at Arya Fitness. For me it was love at first class! I fell in love with everything about the aerial arts and fitness: Lyra, pole, hammock you name it.  I have a fitness background and my favorite workout is Dance Fitness and Zumba! Just a little bit about myself- I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Education and a Masters Degree in Physical Education and am certified in both Health and Physical Education.  I have a certification to teach Aerial Hammock through Luna Aerial Arts, have a Cirqfit Lyra Certification, and am an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor.  For over 11 years I’ve worked full time as an Office Manager and taught Physical Education for a year.  I’m a single mom, a dog and cat mom, live in New Milford and the studio is a lifestyle for me. 

When you truly love something, love and passion never go away.  The aerial arts and fitness run through my veins as it does for many who have tried this fitness art. Arya Fitness was forced to close down in the beginning of 2021 and we couldn’t let something so important and special to us disappear, we had lost enough in 2020.  We need each other more than ever and it’s so important that we have a safe and happy place to come together and create fitness dreams.  We deserve a place where friendships, special bonds, encouragement, self-esteem building, embracing our feminine/ masculine sensuality and finding our inner voices and strength can be discovered.  I feel honored and privileged to be able to share  J. Rouge Fitness Arts and Wellness Studio with everyone. 

I can’t wait to see familiar faces and to meet new ones as well. Looking forward to creating a beautiful space where we can all express ourselves openly and creatively.  

Random facts about Jennifer:  I like odd foods such as anchovies, my favorite treat is praline pecans, I was born and raised in California till freshman year of high school, even though I’m fairly tall I love to wear high heels, I love Disney World and Universal Studios, enjoy nature and tropical beaches, favorite quote:


"Crazy Faith- it's only crazy till it happens."- Pastor Michael Todd. 


Get to know the J. Rouge Fitness Team

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Aerial Instructors

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Jana Schoenberg started her love for lyra at Hudson Valley Circus Arts on April 12th 2018. She has done one student showcase at BSP as Poison Ivy in 2019. In 2019 she moved and then joined Arya Fitness Studio. Arya closed due to the pandemic and Jana continued to practice lyra at home. Jana received her CirqFit teaching certification in summer of 2021 and aerial hammock certification through Luna Aerial Arts in 2022.. She loves her lyra teaching journey with J.Rouge.

Fun facts: Jana and her husband love Cats and Star Wars.

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Michaela started her aerial journey on August 1st, 2016 at Hudson Valley Circus Arts. After her first split fabrics class she was absolutely hooked.  While split fabric remained her first love she has also taken up lyra/ aerial hoop, hula hoop, aerial hammock and dabbles with pole arts.  She received her Nimble Arts aerial fabric teaching certificate in February 2020, and her Cirqfit Lyra certification in April 2021.  She is excited to be part of the J.Rouge Fitness family and can't wait to get others hooked on aerial!   

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My name is Heather. I am a 500 hr RYT Certified Yoga Alliance instructor, Luna Aerial Yoga Certified Instructor, and a Cirqfit Lyra Certified instructor. I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and I have been teaching yoga since 2016. I work with students on developing a practice that can grow in time, by starting with a strong foundation in basics.  I work one-on-one with clients  to develop confidence and creativity in their practice.  Through a connection to the breath, students will also cultivate a movement meditation practice. Together we will overcome any limitations of the body by making a unique flow that is perfect for wherever you are today! 


Aerial Yoga is a ton of fun and it will literally take you to new heights! Don't worry if you are brand new! I primarily work with students on developing a practice that can grow in time, by starting with a strong foundation in basics. I work one-on-one with students to cultivate confidence and creativity in their practice.  Through developing strength in the arms and core, aerial yoga allows you to fly! Classes will start with a warm up, followed by conditioning, a flow, and then at least one trick. We will end with a cool down and grounding!

Please note aerial yoga is not recommended for people with recent head injury, concussion, vertigo, high blood pressure or glaucoma/retinol detachment. Always consult your doctor with health concerns before starting any new exercise.  

* I also offer classes for teens and tweens. 

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