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Aerial Fitness      

There are many various styled classes so no matter what your cup of tea is there is a class for you. Classes range from strength conditioning to sensual and expressive combos. Do NOT let this art intimidate you!  Classes also range from introductory through intermediate 2, everyone has a starting point and again, there is a class for you!

If you are looking for something new, looking for a unique challenge, bored of your typical workout routine try aerial fitness. 


Please note that some aerial arts are not recommended for people with recent head injury, concussion, vertigo, high blood pressure or glaucoma/ retinol detachment.  ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR WITH HEALTH CONSERNS BEFORE STARTING ANY NEW EXERCISE!


Aerial Barre

This is a new concept class which

combines Barre with Aerial Yoga .  This is an effective and efficient workout, with all the benefits of barre, but also get a bonus challenge of balance and stability from Aerial Yoga. leave feeling refreshed and lengthen after the essential ‘cocoon’ in the aerial yoga slings. 
This class runs in the same style as a Barre class, and will work you from top to toe, but leave you feeling rejuvenated, lengthened and renewed.




Aerial Barre Levels

*All Levels Class

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